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Sydney McLaughlin was only .08 of a second off the national record in the girls 400 meter hurdles with her 55.28 personal best performance on Wednesday in the finals at the World Youth Trials.

LIVE updates and coverage from the 2015 World Youth Trials held on Tuesday, June 30th and Wednesday, July 1st at Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois. Team USA spots on the line for the 2015 IAAF World Youth Championships to be held in mid July in Cali, Colombia.

2015 World Youth Trials - Top 2 Finishers Table

Team USA Selection Process For World Youth Championships

Only maximum of 41 eligible athletes (highlighted in bold) will be selected to World Youth Team

Event Boys Girls
100m Dash 1. Micaiah Harris (VA) 10.68
2. Daniel Estrada (NC) 10.74

1. Candace Hill (GA) 11.48
2. Lynna Irby (IN) 11.73

200m Dash 1. Maxwell Willis (MD) 21.21
2. Josephus Lyles (VA) 21.35

1. Candace Hill (GA) 23.14
2. Lauren Rain Williams (CA) 23.33

400m Dash 1. Josephus Lyles (VA) 45.77
2. Keshun Reed (TX) 46.06

1. Symone Mason (FL) 52.80
2. Lynna Irby (IN) 53.36

800m Run 1. Connor Dunne (CA) 1:51.71
2. Cameron Cooper (MI) 1:52.22

1. Sammy Watson (NY) 2:04.27
2. Julia Heymach (TX) 2:07.97

1500m Run 1. Phillip Rocha (CA) 3:57.36
2. Dalton Hengst (MD) 3:58.58

1. Julia Heymach (TX) 4:27.94
2. Rylee Bowen (CA) 4:30.56

3000m Run 1. Mason Coppi (CA) 8:41.32
2. Chris Rayder (TN) 9:09.50
1. Destiny Collins (CA) 9:41
2. Sara Platek (NC) 9:53
100/110m Hurdles 1. Isaiah Lucas (TX) 13.59
2. Norman Grimes (TX) 13.64

1. Alexis Duncan (TX) 13.32
2. Brittley Humphrey (AL) 13.61

400m Hurdles 1. Norman Grimes (TX) 51.67
2. Ronaldo Griffiths (KY) 52.38

1. Sydney McLaughlin (NJ) 55.28
2. Brandee Johnson (VA) 57.90

2K Steeple 1. Benjamin Ewert (OH) 6:18.48
2. Ryan Brown (NC) 6:47.69
1. Rylee Bowen (CA) 6:41.26
2. Madie Boreman (TX) 7:03.75

Pole Vault 1. Zachary Shugart (WA) 16-2.75 (4.95m)
2. Richard McWorter 15-7 (4.75m)
1. Carson Dingler (GA) 13-4.25 (4.07m)
2. Rachel Baxter (CA) 12-9 (3.90m)

High Jump 1. Darius Carbin (CA) 6-11 (2.11m)
2. Jaron Brooks (KY) 6-11 (2.11m)

1. Madison Yerigan (WA) 5-9.25 (1.76m)
2. Gillian Urycki (IL) 5-7.00 (1.70m)
Long Jump 1. Justes Nance (NJ) 24-4.50 (7.43m)
2. Denzel Harper (GA) 22-8.50 (6.92m)
1. Tara Davis (CA) 19-1.25
2. Taylor Middleton (OH) 18-8.25
Triple Jump 1. Dexter Neboh 47-8 (14.53m)
2. Akinshe Calica-Hill 46-6.25 (14.18m)
1. Tara Davis (CA) 41-10.75 (12.77m)
2. Lajarvia Brown (IL) 41-7.75 (12.69m)

Shot Put 1. Adrian Piperi (TX) 69-1.25
2. Isaiah Rogers (GA) 66-4.25

1. Sophia Rivera (MO) 59-4.25 (18.09m)
2. Nickolette Dunbar (NJ) 55-5.75 (16.91m)

Discus Throw 1. Adrian Piperi (TX) 192-11 (58.80m)
2. Gabriel Oladipo 190-8 (58.11m)

1. Josie Shaefer (WI) 149-4 (45.51m)
2. Sam Noenning (WI) 145-10 (44.44m)

Hammer Throw 1. Robert Colantonio (RI) 234-3
2. Joshua Hernandez (TX) 214-9
1. Kamryn Brinson (GA) 176-10 (53.89m)
2. Alyssa Wilson (NJ) 168-9 (51.43m)
Javelin Throw 1. Liam Christensen (SC) 224-4 (68.39m)
2. William Petersson 200-1 (61.00m)
1. Sophia Rivera (MO) 169-3 (51.60m)
2. Katelyn Gochenour (NE) 167-7 (51.07m)

1. George Patrick (TN) 7,282 pts
2. Antune Dennard (GA) 6,478 pts
1. Jordan Fields (NJ) 5,087 pts
2. Caice Lanovaz (CA) 5,041 pts

5K Racewalk 1. Victoria Heiser-Whatley (SC) 28:38.69
2. Jessica Heiser-Whatley (SC) 28:42.74

Minimum Entry Standards For 2015 IAAF World Youth Championships:

More on 2015 World Youth Trials:

Meet Schedule

Tuesday June 30, 2015
7:30 AM 3000m Boys Final
8:00 AM Heptathlon Girls Day 1
8:00 AM Discus Throw Girls Final
8:00 AM Shot Put Boys Final
8:00 AM Long Jump Girls Final
8:15 AM 100m Hurdles Girls 1st Round
9:00 AM 110m Hurdles Boys 1st Round
9:30 AM 100m Girls 1st Round
9:45 AM 100m Boys 1st Round
10:00 AM Pole Vault Boys Final
10:00 AM Decathlon Boys Day 1
10:15 AM 2000m Steeple Chase Girls Final
10:45 AM 2000m Steeple Chase Boys Final
11:00 AM Hammer Throw Boys Final
11:30 AM 1500m Girls 1st Round
12:15 PM 1500m Boys 1st Round
12:30 PM 400m Girls 1st Round
12:45 PM 400m Boys 1st Round
1:00 PM Hammer Throw Girls Final
1:00 PM Pole Vault Girls Final
1:15 PM 400m Hurdles Girls 1st Round
1:45 PM 400m Hurdles Boys 1st Round
2:00 PM Triple Jump Boys Final
2:15 PM 800m Girls 1st Round
2:30 PM Javelin Throw Boys Final
2:45 PM 800m Boys 1st Round
3:15 PM 200m Girls 1st Round
3:30 PM 200M Boys 1st Round
Wednesday July 1, 2015
7:00 AM 5000m RW Girls Final
7:45 AM 3000m Girls Final
8:00 AM Decathlon Boys Day 2
8:00 AM Shot Put Girls Final
8:00 AM High Jump Girls Final
8:15 AM 100m Hurdles Girls Final
8:45 AM 110m Hurdles Boys Final
9:00 AM Javelin Throw Girls Final
9:30 AM Heptathlon Girls Day 2
9:45 AM 100m Girls Final
10:00 AM 100m Boys Final
10:15 AM 1500m Girls Final
10:30 AM 1500m Boys Final
10:30 AM Discus Throw Boys Final
11:30 AM 400m Girls Final
11:45 AM 400m Boys Final
12:00 PM Long Jump Boys Final
12:15 PM 400m Hurdles Girls Final
12:45 PM 400m Hurdles Boys Final
1:15 PM 800m Girls Final
1:30 PM 800m Boys Final
1:30 PM High Jump Boys Final
2:30 PM Triple Jump Girls Final
3:15 PM 200m Girls Final
3:30 PM 200m Boys Final

Selection Process For World Youth Team

USA Track & Field (USATF) will field a partial team to represent the United States at the 2015 IAAF World Youth Championships (the “Team”). The team size will be determined by USATF in its sole discretion, but will include no more than 41 athletes who meet the criteria listed below.

An athlete who is one of the two highest placing finishers in an event at the 2015 USATF World Youth Track & Field Trials (Trials), scheduled for June 30-July 1, 2015 in Lisle IL, will be considered for selection to the Team with these additional qualifications:

  1. He or she has met the qualifying standard and entry guidelines set by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) for the 2015 World Youth Championships. Please note that wind-aided marks in the 100m, 200m, 100m Hurdles, 110m Hurdles, Long Jump, and Triple Jump will not be accepted for purposes of meeting the qualifying standard, and all international qualifying standards must have been met during the period between October 1, 2014 andJuly 1, 2015.
  2. He or she is eligible to represent the USA in all levels of international competition based on the Competition Rules of USATF and the IAAF.
  3. He or she was born in 1998 or 1999 (age 16 or 17 by December 31, 2015).
  4. He or she presents to the team processing staff before 8:00 pm EST on July 1, 2015 his or her current passport valid until at least January 15, 2016 (or a copy thereof).

At the completion of the World Youth Trials, the Selection Committee will evaluate the performances of all athletes who meet the above criteria, and will, in its sole discretion, select up to 41 athletes from among this group. In addition to the order of finish at the Trials, the Selection Committee will consider fitness, injuries, conditioning, projected ability to finish in the top 8 at the 2015 IAAF World Youth Championships, and any other factors the Committee deems relevant or instructive.