WATCH T.C. Williams make a run for Championship of America 4x400m

T.C. Williams (VA) finished as the top American squad in the Championship of America 4x400m, where they ran 3:13.97 for fourth.

America will wait at least one more year before taking back the Championship of America 4x400-meter title at The Penn Relays, but the red, white and blue singlets of T.C. Williams (VA) certainly gave it their all in the 2015 edition of the Carnival.

Mahlique Booth put the team in position with a 50.1 lead off and Noah Lyles broke the race open on the second leg, cruising to the race's fastest split of 45.4, but the Jamaican squads Calabar, Jamaican College and St. Elizabeth Tech were too strong on the latter legs as Thomas Huston struggled to keep the team in contention.

Calabar team captain Michael O'Hara, who was a late add to the squad after overturning an ineligibility ruling, cruised home in 46.68 for a final time of 3:09.97 to take back the Championship of America title they won in 2013.

Josephus ran the second-fastest split of the relay field, anchoring home in 46.22. T.C. Williams (VA), fifth in this race last year, repeated as top American squad in placing fourth in 3:13.97.


1 Calabar(Kingston, JAM) 3:09.97 Anthony Carpenter (50.4), Aykeeme Francis (46.3), Renado Wilson (46.57), Michael O'Hara (46.68) AD
2 Jamaica College(Kingston, JAM) 3:11.23 Shemar Walker (49.5), Shawndail Mclaren (46.6), Owayne Russell (48.02), Devaughn Baker (47.06) AC
3 St. Elizabeth Tech(Santa Cruz, JAM) 3:12.71 Marvin Williams (49.0), Okeen Williams (47.0), Robin Black (48.08), Leonardo Ledgister (48.64) AB
4 T.C. Williams(Alexandria, VA) 3:13.97 Mahlique Booth (50.1), Noah Lyles (45.4), Thomas Huston (52.28), Josephus Lyles (46.22) AA
5 Cheltenham(Wyncote, PA) 3:15.39 Cordell Richardson (50.3), Christian Brissett (48.3), Kyle Davis (49.74), John Lewis (47.00) AF
6 Excelsior(Kingston, JAM) 3:15.74 Shemar Hylton (49.7), Nathan Brown (48.4), Achebe Thompson (48.66), Kenroy Williams (48.99) AG
7 Petersfield(Westmoreland, JAM) 3:18.18 Jordan Scott (50.3), DeVaughn Ellington (47.4), Raheem Levene (48.95), Giovanni Campbell (51.56)

The Titans qualified for the finals earlier on Saturday morning with a nation-leading time of 3:12.17.