Great Edinburgh XC Blog: Elijah Armstrong, Day 2

Caleb Webb, Elijah Armstrong, Anna Rohrer and Makena Morley explored Edinburgh, Scotland on their first day in town. Below, Armstrong gives MileSplit a recap of the experience so far.

Second day was so much better than the first day! Woke up in Detroit and had a great morning! Once I got to the airport, everything was perfect, but not only that, I was blessed to fly business elite class! And holy cow, that was the most amazing plane ride I've ever been on! I felt like royalty a little bit! Once I made all my connection, I arrived safely in Edinburgh! Found out my roommate is Caleb Webb. Amazing guy, great sport, easy going, and no one could ask for a better roommate! After the windy run and lunch, Anna, Caleb, Makena and myself explored a little! It was amazing to see such great architecture! But what was even better then that was... I was with Makena! I sorta have a crush on her, but shhh let's keep that on the down low! The memories just keep coming!