Poll: Who Will Win 2014 Foot Locker Nationals Boys Title?

Who do you got winning at Balboa Park on Saturday in the boys race? Can anyone dethrone defending national champion Grant Fisher of Michigan, who has been unbeatable for last two years and always clutch when it matters? 

The West is certainly loaded with hopeful winners including last year's narrow national runner-up John Dressel of Washington, this year's surprise regional champ Elijah Armstrong of Idaho, and Oregon state record holder Matthew Maton. 

Could a junior like Fisher did last year beat all the seniors for the title in South Regional champ Andrew Hunter of Virginia? Or will Fisher's future college teammate and Northeast Regional champ Alex Ostberg with his 14:16 5K PR take the win? Following in his dad's footsteps (a former finalists), could Olin Hacker from Wisconsin go from 10th in regional to 1st at nationals?