#XCBEAST Boys of 10/4 Weekend

Carlos Villarreal (Rio Rico AZ) took advantage of the opportunity to run on an extremely fast course and didn't waste any second running at the Desert Twilight Classic with his 14:49 5K PR win, which ranks 3rd fastest in the country. (Photo by Margot Kelly)

Immediately after each weekend of meets for the rest of this cross country season, MileSplit will be selecting a 14 boys and 14 girls nationally who truly had a BEAST race in their cross country meets over the past.

What defines an #XCBEAST? A #XCBeast performance can be seen by an elite cross country runner blowing out a field, shattering a course/meet record, defeating a fierce rival, leading their team to victory, performing in the clutch or pulling out a win in dramatic fashion, and many more ways to standout with jaw-dropping times and win.

These 14 XC boys went into "beast mode" with their race performances this past week (9/29 through 10/4). Click next to proceed.