Another Piece to Brooks PR Puzzle: Noah Kauppila (MO)

Another piece to the Brooks PR puzzle is Marquette High School distance runner Noah Kauppila. Kauppila, a Princeton signee, was a 2013 Foot Locker National finalist in cross country. This outdoor season he was third at the MSHSAA Class 3 & 4 State Track & Field Championships in the 1600 meters with a time of 4:11.32. He will compete in the the two mile and brings with him a 3200 meter best of 8:54.45 to the Brooks PR Invitational on Saturday, June 21st in Seattle. 
When did you first learn that you were invited to the Brooks PR Invite and how did your react?
Kauppila: I first found out that I was invited around the first week of April, right before Arcadia. I was ecstatic when I opened the packaging and saw the Brooks PR logo on the box, but I was a little puzzled about the puzzle. It took me a good 10 minutes to figure it out.
What does it mean to you to be invited to the Brooks PR Invitational? 
Kauppila:  It means a lot to me to be invited to this prestigious race. I have always wanted to be invited and to have it actually happen is like a dream come true. 
What do you hope to achieve at the meet?       
Kauppila: I just want to have as much fun as I can have in my last high school race. My season thus far has been pretty frustrating so to end my season on a high note would be nice and of course, I want a PR!

What music do you listen to before races?     
Kauppila: Most of the time I don't listen to music before my races, but sometimes I like to listen to Kanye West or "Happy" by Pharrell Williams to loosen me up.
If you were stranded on an island with three things what would they be?         
Kauppila: I would keep my phone (with a portable cell tower so it has service), a pair of running shoes, and my super fluffy pillow.
What would you consider as your best or most favorite race of all-time and why?
Kauppila: I would say my race at the 2013 Arcadia Invitational 3200 was my best and favorite race since I ran a huge PR that day and it felt almost effortless during the race. I was so scared before the race since there were so many good runners in the field, but I just ran within myself and everything worked out great!

What are some things un-running related people might not know about you?      
Kauppila: I used to be a full time swimmer. In middle school I was swimming more mileage than I was running!
How and why did you get involved in the sport?      
Kauppila: I was doing really well in the "endurance" runs in elementary school gym class so my dad put me on the summer track team. I had some success in my first season and I've never looked back.
How has your training been leading up to the meet?             
Kauppila: Its been good. I have remained uninjured throughout this season and since I have done a lot of training for the 800 and 1600 the past couple months (this is my first real 3200 since Arcadia).I have increased my mileage and the duration of my workouts to prep my endurance before this race.
What are you most looking forward about your trip, race and weekend at the Brooks PR Invitational in Seattle?                          
Kauppila: I'm super excited to visit Seattle since I havent been in a while (I really want to see the Space Needle). I cant wait to get to the race and compete with the best guys in the country, see old friends and meet new people, and just have a blast!