Another Piece To Brooks PR Puzzle: Richard Rose (NY)

Another piece to the Brooks PR puzzle is Boys and Girls quarter-miler Richard Rose. Rose, a class of 2015 standout in the state of New York, won New Balance Indoor Nationals as well as the prestigious Loucks Games. This past weekend he finished fourth at New Balance Outdoor Nationals in the 400 and was third in the 200 meter dash. He will compete in the 400 meter dash and brings with him a personal best and US#3 time of of 46.38 to the Brooks PR Invitational on Saturday, June 21st in Seattle. 

When did you first learn that you were invited to the Brooks PR Invite and how did your react?

Rose: I was informed that I was invited to the Brooks PR three weeks ago. At first I thoght I wasn't going to be accepted because my invite came quite late in the mail. However when It did came I was excited to be a part of this event and I couldn't stop thinking about it all.
What does it mean to you to be invited to the Brooks PR Invitational? 

Rose: It means everything to me to be invited because I finally get the opportunity to race the best of the best in the nation.
What do you hope to achieve at the meet? 

Rose: I hope to run a PR of 45.7 or better in the 400 meter dash.
What music do you listen to before races?

Rose: Before I run I usually listen to Meek Mill , rap music, because it keeps me hyper.
If you were stranded on an island with three things what would they be?

Rose: If I was stranded on a island with three things it would most likely be my phone, my national rings, and food (including water)
What would you consider as your best or most favorite race of all-time and why?

Rose: My best race of all time was the 2014 New Balance Indoor Nationals because that moment played out exactly like a dream in my head. Everything I've worked for, the time and dedication I put in, it all payed off.
What are some things un-running related people might not know about you?

Rose: I'm one of the funniest guys on this planet once you get to know me. I'm extremely smart. I can also sing really good .

How and why did you get involved in the sport? 

Rose: I got involved with track and field in middle school. My English teacher was the head coach and we didn't really get along quite good. So I decided to get on her good side by joining the track team. At first it was just something to do while I was bored. Then it became something I loved so I decided to stick with it and now look where I am today 

How has your training been leading up to the meet?

Rose: My training has been precisely on the 400 meters. Everything I do is for some part of that specific race.
What are you most looking forward about your trip, race and weekend at the Brooks PR Invitational in Seattle?
Rose: I'm looking forward to meeting new people and getting close to these individuals. I also plan on enjoying myself and being competitive. My main focus is the win. I'm going to shock high school athletes around the nation and show them that anything is possible