Penn Relays Meet Schedule - Everything you want to see!

Penn Relays, the biggest event of the season, will be LIVE on Flotrack. With hundreds of events going off over the three day span it's not always easy to find what you're looking for. We have created this condensed schedule below so you can easily find all the action you want to see!

Broadcast Start Times (in ET)
Thu, Apr 24: 10:00am
Fri, April 25: 9:00am
Sat, April 26: 9:00am


Penn Relays Schedule
Full schedule here
10:00am  College Women's 400 Hurdles Championships
10:20am  HS Girls' 400 Hurdles Championships
10:30am  HS Girls' 4x800
11:10am  HS Girls' 4x100 (heats)
12:55pm  College Women's 4x100 (heats)
1:25pm  HS Girls' 4x400 (heats)
5:20pm  Championship of America - College Women's Distance Medley
5:35pm  College Women's Distance Medley
5:45pm  HS Girls' 3k Championship
5:55pm  HS Girls' Mile Championship
6:00pm  Championship of America - HS Girls' Distance Medley
6:15pm  College Women's 4x400 (heats)
7:30pm  College Men's Steeple Championship
7:40pm  College Men's Steeple
7:50pm  Olympic Development Men's Steeple
8:00pm  Olympic Development/College Women's Steeple Championship
8:15pm  College Women's Steeple
8:30pm  College Women's 3k Championships
8:40pm  College Women's 5k Championships
9:00pm  Olympic Development Women's 5k
9:20pm  College Men's 5k Championships
9:40pm  College Men's 5k
10:00pm  Olympic Development Men's 5k
10:15pm  Olympic Development/College Women's 10k Championship
10:55pm  Olympic Development/College Men's 10k Championship
9:00am  College Men's 400m Hurdles Championship
9:20am  HS Boys' 4x800
10:40am  HS Boys' 4x100 (heats)
12:30pm  College Men's 4x100 (heats)
12:50pm  Championship of America - College Women's 4x100
1:00pm  Championship of America - HS Girls' 4x800
1:10pm  Championship of America - College Women's 4x1500
1:30pm  College Men's 4x200 (heats)
1:50pm  College Women's 4x200 (heats)
2:15pm  Championship of America - HS Girls' 4x100
2:25pm  Championship of America - College Men's Distance Medley
3:05pm  Championship of America - College Men's Shuttle Hurdles
3:25pm  Championship of America - College Women's Shuttle Hurdles
3:30pm  College Men's 100m (heats)
3:40pm  College Women's 100m (heats)
3:50pm  College Men's 110m Hurdles (heats)
4:00pm  College Women's 100m Hurdles (heats)
4:10pm  Championship of America - HS Girls' 4x400
4:15pm  College Men 4x400 (heats)
5:15pm  Olympic Development Men's 4x100
5:20pm  Olympic Development Women's 4x100
5:35pm  Championship of America - HS Boys' Distance Medley
5:50pm  HS Boys' Mile Championship
5:55pm  HS Boys' 3k Championships
6:05pm  Championship of America - College Women's Sprint Medley
6:30pm  Championship of America - College Men's Sprint Medley
7:00pm  Olympic Development Men's 4x400
7:10pm  Olympic Development Women's 4x400
7:25pm  Corporate Distance Medley
7:00am  Olympic Development/Masters/Junior Men's 10k Racewalk
8:00am  Olympic Development/Masters/Junior/HS Women's 5k Racewalk
9:00am  HS Boys' 400m Hurdles Championship
9:05am  Olympic Development Men's 400m Hurdles
9:10am  HS Boys' 4x400 (heats)
12:35pm  USA vs. the World - Women's 4x100 (Televised)
12:45pm  HS Boys' 4x400 (Philadelphia sections)
1:05pm  USA vs. the World - Men's 4x100 (Televised)
1:15pm  USA vs. the World - Women's Sprint Medley (Televised)
1:25pm  Championship of America - College Men's 4xMile
1:50pm  Championship of America - College Men's 4x100
1:57pm  Championship of America - HS Boys' 4x100
2:05pm  USA vs. the World - Men's Distance Medley (Televised)
2:25pm  Championship of America - College Women's 4x200
2:35pm  USA vs. the World - Women's 4x400 (Televised)
2:45pm  Championship of America - College Men's 4x200
2:52pm  USA vs. the World - Men's 4x400 (Televised)
3:00pm  Olympic Development Women's Mile
3:15pm  College Women's 100m Hurdles Championship
3:20pm  College Men's 110m Hurdles Championship
3:25pm  Olympic Development Men's 110m Hurdles
3:30pm  Olympic Development Men's 100m
3:35pm  College Women's 100m Championship
3:45pm  College Men's 100m Championship
3:55pm  Olympic Development Men's Mile
4:00pm  Championship of America - HS Boys' 4x800
4:10pm  Championship of America - College Women's 4x800
4:40pm  Championship of America - College Men's 4x800
5:30pm  Championship of America - HS Boys' 4x400
5:50pm  Championship of America - College Women's 4x400
6:00pm  Championship of America - College Men's 4x400