La Costa Canyon CA star Steven Fahy is a Stanford Cardinal!

How did you get started in the sport?

My siblings and I participated in kids road races since we were little kids. I got my start competetively in elementary school, and didn't really get serious about it until high school.

How have you grown in four years as a runner?

Running has taught me invaluabe lessons about hard work, patience, and setting goals. I definitely owe a great deal of my development over the past four years to my teammates and all of their support and camaraderie. It is truly a privilege to have made it this far.

Was there one race that really opened up your recruitment?

My race at Mt. Sac in my Junior year was a huge breakthrough for me and really convinced me that I could run at the next level. However, overall I think it was my consistent improvement throughout my career that was appealing to many of my top choices.

What was the recruiting process like for you?

I was lucky to have seen my brother (Former CA star Darren Fahy, Georgetown) go through the process and have some idea of what to expect. That being said, I was extremely pleased with all of the excellent options I had and am very grateful for the respect and support I received from all of the coaches who contacted me.

Where else did you consider?

I considered Georgetown, Portland, Princeton, and UCLA.

Why in the end the Stanford University?

I had an amazing time on all my visits. But at the end of the day, there was one school where I knew I could wake up every morning and feel like the luckiest guy alive.

Did their location and history of success at NCAA's play a role?

The amazing talent that comes through the program every year make it ideal for an aspiring athlete. While it wasn't a deciding factor, being in California and having some family support in the Bay Area is a definite plus.

What are you looking forward to most about racing in the Stanford University jersey?

I am really looking forward to running along side of some of the top guys in the nation under a coaching staff that I already have extreme confidence in.

What kind of runner are they getting in Steven Fahy and what are your goals going forward?

They will find that I am a guy they can always trust to give everything I have for my team on any given day, and really dedicate myself to the system in place. I hope to make a positive impact on the team and do whatever possible to help bring home a national title in the next 4 years.