Saucony Elite 50 Individual Boys Rankings Week 3

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Harrier Duel Part Duex: Haney takes out Hardy after De La Rosa last week. (Photo by Maria De La Rosa)

Saucony Elite 50 Individual Boys | Week 3

*Editor's Note: The Saucony Elite 50 refers to the top-50 individual in the country (25 boys and 25 girls)

Just when we thought it couldn't get more exciting, Blake Haney, Joe Hardy and Estevan De La Rosa decided to race each other at the 40th Stanford Invitational.  And it lived up to the billing and then some!  Blake won over Joe with both times in 14:58 in a thrilling showdown.  Watch the race and interviews here.  And then a surprise happened, Steven Fahy, younger brother of Cali star Darren Fahy out of La Costa Canyon, rocked a race of his own to snag 3rd in 15:04 while Estevan De La Rosa finished 4th in 15:13.    

Cerake Geberkidane, CO, moves up the rankings after another win by close to two minutes as he continued to add to his legacy in Colorado, and gets his due as one of the top runners in the country.  #12 Obsa Ali, MN, also had a big race by getting the course record while winning the Roy Griak Invitational.  

There were a few editions to the rankings as well with Mickey Burke, NY, leading the way with a stellar 14:25 3M clocking at the McQuaid Invitational and fellow New Yorker Brian Cook who recorded a #2 All-Time mark at the Queensbury Invitational.  Also in the rankings is Garrett Corcoran, CA, who recorded a 14:07 3M time at the Woodbridge Invite to finish 3rd to Haney and Rosa.

Stay tuned each week as we bring you the Saucony Elite 50 Individual Boys every Tuesday morning!

Rank Time Year Name School State
1 13:55 3.0M Sr. Blake Haney Stockdale CA
2 14:47.20 Sr. Joe Hardy Seattle Prep WA
3 14:46.50 Sr. Cerake Geberkidane Denver East CO
4 13:56 Sr. Estevan De La Rosa Arcadia CA
5 15:04 Sr. Steven Fahy La Costa Canyon CA
6 14:24 3.0M Sr. Patrick Perrier O'Fallon IL
7 15:26.58 Sr. Aaron Templeton Hardin Valley TN
8 15:10 Sr. Kai Wilmot North Central WA
9 15:07.80 Sr. Mark Hadley Boardman OH
10 15:08.70 Sr. Nicholas Elswick Chardon OH
11 14:57 Jr. Matthew Maton Summit OR
12 15:30.8 Sr. Obsa Ali Richfield MN
13 15:15.3 Sr. Wolfgang Beck Gig Harbor WA
14 15:19.8 Jr. John Dressel Mt. Spokane WA
15 15:18.10 Sr. Kramer Morton Alta UT
16  14:43 3.0M Sr. Louis Colson Thomas Edison VA
17 14:25 3.0M Sr. Mickey Burke Rush-Henrietta NY
18 15:00 Jr. Elijah Armstrong Pocatello ID
19 14:07 3.0M Sr. Garrett Corcoran Villa Park CA
20 15:17.95 Sr. Brian Cook Pearl River NY
21 15:09 Sr. Ian Milder Mount Tabor NC
22 15:13.70 Sr. Noah Kauppila Marquette MO
23 15:30 Jr. Grant Fisher Grand Blanc MI
24 13:00.57 4k Sr. Kyle Levermore Don Bosco Prep NJ
25 15:08.5 Jr. Phillip Hall Terry Sanford NC