Meet Information

VISIT MEET WEBSITE For More Information2017 NBNO Schedule of Events*UPDATED June 11, 2017*Sunday Championship 400m/Dec 1500m time changePrevious changes: 6/9 - 3000m Racewalk, Boys EE Discus, Boys Champ Hammer Friday, June 16, 2017 Track Events 10:00 AMChampionship 3000m Racewalk (Combined Boys and Girls; scored separately)FINAL10:35 AMEmerging Elite - 4x800 RelayFINAL11:35 AMBOYS - Emerging Elite - 110HQualifying11:50 AMGIRLS - Emerging Elite - 100HQualifying12:00 PMEmerging Elite - One Mile RunFINAL12:40 PMEmerging Elite - 100mQualifying1:00 PMChampionship Swedish Relay (100-200-300-400)FINAL1:20 PM100m HurdlesHeptathlon1:30 PMEmerging Elite - 4x200 RelayFINAL2:10 PMEmerging Elite 1600 MedleyFINAL3:30 PMFreshman 100mQualifying3:55 PMFreshman 400mFINAL4:35 PMGIRLS - Emerging Elite - 100m Hurdles -FINAL4:40 PMBOYS - Emerging Elite - 110m HurdlesFINAL4:45 PMEmerging Elite 800 MedleyFINAL5:25 PMEmerging Elite - 400mFINAL5:55 PMFreshman 100mFINAL6:00 PMEmerging Elite -100mFINAL6:05 PMFreshman 2 MileFINAL6:30 PM200mHeptathlon6:40 PMChampionship 5000 MetersFINAL Field Events 11:00 AMGIRLS - Freshman Long Jump (pit 1)FINAL11:00 AMBOYS - Freshman Long Jump (pit 2)FINAL11:00 AMBOYS - Emerging Elite - HammerFINAL12:00 PMBOYS - Emerging Elite Javelin (outside stadium)FINAL1:00 PMGIRLS - Emerging Elite Pole VaultFINAL2:30 PMGIRLS - Emerging Elite Triple Jump (pit 2)FINAL2:30 PMHigh JumpHeptathlon2:30 PMGIRLS - Emerging Elite DiscusFINAL3:30 PMGIRLS - Emerging Elite Javelin (outside stadium)FINAL4:00 PMBOYS - Emerging Elite High JumpFINAL4:00 PMBOYS - Emerging Elite Triple JumpFINAL4:30 PMShot PutHeptathlon5:00 PMBOYS - Emerging Elite Pole VaultFINAL6:00 PM 5:15 PMBOYS - Emerging Elite DiscusFINAL6:30 PMGIRLS - Championship Javelin (infield)FINAL Saturday, June 17, 2017 Track Events 9:15 AMEmerging Elite - 4x100 RelayQualifying9:45 AMChampionship 4x200m RelayFINAL10:35 AM100mDecathlon10:45 AMChampionship 100mQualifying11:15 AMGIRLS - Championship 100m HurdlesQualifying11:30 AMBOYS - Championship 110m HurdlesQualifying11:55 AMEmerging Elite - 200mQualifying12:30 PMChampionship 2000m SteepleChaseFINAL1:10 PMChampionship 1600m Medley RelayFINAL2:20 PM800mHeptathlon2:35 PMEmerging Elite - 200mFINAL2:45 PMChampionship 100mFINAL2:55 PMFreshman MileFINAL3:25 PMChampionship 4 X Shuttle Hurdle Relay (Girls First)FINAL4:10 PMEmerging Elite - 2 Mile RunFINAL4:50 PMGIRLS - Championship 2 Mile Run (unseeded)FINAL5:05 PMBOYS - Championship 2 Mile Run (unseeded)FINAL5:20 PMEmerging Elite - 4x100 Relay #FINAL5:30 PMChampionship 4x100m RelayQualifying6:05 PM400mDecathlon6:20 PMGIRLS - Championship 2 Mile Run (Top seeded section)FINAL6:35 PMBOYS - Championship 2 Mile Run (Top seeded section)FINAL6:50 PMBOYS- Championship 110 HFINAL6:55 PMGIRLS- Championship 100HFINAL7:00 PMChampionship 4x800m RelayFINAL Field Events 9:00 AMLong Jump (pit 1)Heptathlon9:00 AMGIRLS - Freshman Triple Jump (pit 2)FINAL11:00 AMGIRLS - Championship DiscusFINAL11:30 AMJavelin (outside stadium)Heptathlon11:30 AMBOYS - Emerging Elite - Shot PutFINAL12:00 PMBOYS - Freshman Triple Jump (pit 2)FINAL12:00 PMLong Jump (pit 1)Decathlon1:00 PMGIRLS - Emerging Elite High Jump (2 pits)FINAL2:30 PMGIRLS Championship Triple Jump (pit 1)FINAL2:30 PMShot PutDecathlon2:30 PMGIRLS - Emerging Elite HammerFINAL3:45 PMBOYS - Championship Shot PutFINAL4:00 PMGIRLS - Pole Vault(Seeded and Unseeded flights on adjacent runways)FINAL4:00 PMHigh JumpDecathlon5:00 PMBOYS - Championship Triple Jump (pit 2)FINAL6:00 PM 5:15 PMBOYS - Championship HammerFINAL6:00 PMBOYS - Championship Javelin (infield)FINAL Sunday, June 18, 2017 Track Events 8:00AM110 HurdlesDecathlon8:10AMChampionship 4 Mile RelayFINAL9:50AMEmerging Elite Distance Medley RelayFINAL10:30AMChampionship 800m MedleyFINAL11:15AMEmerging Elite 800mFINAL11:50AMEmerging Elite 400m HurdlesFINAL12:15PMChampionship 400m Hurdles - All but top sectionFINAL12:30PMChampionship 200mQualifying12:55PMEmerging Elite 4x400m RelayFINAL1:25PMChampionship 800m - All but top sectionFINAL2:00 PMChampionship 400m - All but Top sectionFINAL2:25 PMChampionship One Mile - All but Top sectionFINAL3:05 PMChampionship 4x400 - Unseeded SectionsFINAL3:50 PMCELEBRATION CEREMONY 4:00 PMChampionship 400m Hurdles - GirlsFINAL4:05 PMChampionship 400m Hurdles- BoysFINAL4:10 PMChampionship 4x100m RelayFINAL4:20 PMChampionship 800m - Seeded SectionFINAL4:30 PMChampionship 400m - Seeded SectionFINAL4:40 PM1500mDecathlon4:55 PMChampionship One Mile - Seeded SectionFINAL5:10 PMChampionship 200mFINAL5:20 PMChampionship Distance Medley RelayFINAL5:45 PMChampionship 4x400m Relay - Seeded SectionFINAL Field Events 9:00 AMDiscusDecathlon9:00 AMBOYS - Emerging Elite Long Jump (pit 1)FINAL9:00 AMGIRLS - Emerging Elite Long Jump (pit 2)FINAL10:00 AMGIRLS - Emerging Elite Shot PutFINAL11:00 AMGIRLS - Championship HammerFINAL11:00 AMPole VaultDecathlon11:00 AMBOYS - Championship High JumpFINAL12:00 PMBOYS - Championship Long Jump (pit 1)FINAL1:00 PMGIRLS - Championship Shot PutFINAL2:00 PMBOYS - Championship DiscusFINAL2:00 PMJavelin (outside stadium)Decathlon2:00 PMGIRLS - Championship High JumpFINAL2:30 PMBOYS - Championship Pole Vault(Seeded and Unseeded flights on adjacent runways)FINAL3:00 PMGIRLS - Championship Long Jump (pit 2)FINAL