New Balance Outdoor Nationals

June 14, 2013 - June 16, 2013 @ NC A&T Irwin Belk Track in Greensboro, NC

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Dallas Rushing (SR) Axtell ran a solo 1A State Recored and PR (1:52.24) at the UIL State Track and Field Meet. He went through at 55 and finished strong. He beat the...
Wellington Zaza recent - Garnet Valley graduate - is a goal oriented person on and off the track. He selects his goals and follows the plan set forth to achieve them...
Want to be featured in our Salute To Seniors series? Drop me a line: and answer the questions below! And if you can, point us to a pic or two or...
While the victories were minimal, New England athletes still put on quite a show at the New Balance National Outdoor Championships this past weekend. The region...
This past weekend at the New Balance Outdoor National, Kentucky was represented well. TOP 10 PERFORMERS
An unprecedented distance triple for Wesley Frazier with 4:39.66 mile to close it out!! Columbia, Western Branch win hot 4x4's! Michael Cherry 46.06! (Photo by...
New Balance Outdoor Nationals are the ultimate in terms of pure high school competition. There is an opportunity to be an All-American in a myriad of events. But most...
No results from two years ago. 1:54 last spring. Now, John Crossley is the best ever in NC by a wide margin with his 1:48.01 in the 800.
Rhode Island athletes capped off an amazing weekend of competition at the New Balance National Outdoor (NBNO) Championships with four All-American performances and state...
Claire Green and Ethan Gonzales share a moment of Colorado pride at New Balance Nationals Outdoor. Photo by Ashley Green.
Day 3 highlights by Virginians from the 2013 New Balance Outdoor Nationals at North Carolina A&T University in Greensboro, North Carolina.
Thursday was the first day of the New Balance Outdoor Nationals and it was anything but tame. Jack Keelan (Sr., Chicago St. Ignatius) ran the toughest race in his high...
Wrap-up of what the Floridians did up in North Carolina at New Balance Nationals Outdoor.
The New Balance Nationals has already had a number of special performances by R.I. athletes the past two days. The final day of competition should be no different.
With their 1-2 finish at the New England Championship last week, Barrington High and La Salle Academy proved they are the top teams in region. Saturday night at the...
Wakefield's girls earned their second relay title of the meet, and still have two more attempts at gold medals (photo by MaroonNews)
Bailey Roth raced to a US#1 time in winning today's 2000 Steeple at New Balance Nationals Outdoor. Photo by Jeff Sides.
New Balance Outdoor Nationals
Day 2 highlights of performances by Virginians at the 2013 New Balance Outdoor Nationals in Greensboro, North Carolina. The Western Branch girls ran a US #2 all-time...
Looking for photos of that one special athlete? Check the lists inside this article to find the right photo album!
The final day of action could see many great match-ups and fast times as the chances to become a national champion become fewer. (Photo by
Wesley Frazier's powerful move with three laps to go put her into the national record books (again) and earned her 6th national title.
The action heats up with many great races and match-ups across many events. Check it all out here! (Photo by Kyle Brazeil)
NJ results at the NB Outdoor Nationals
What a day for Rhode Islanders during the first day of competition at the New Balance National Outdoor Championships!
Day 1 of the New Balance Outdoor Nationals is underway. Tyler Bard of Lisbon won the boys Mile racewalk national title in 7:16.78. Bethanie Brown shattered the Maine...
A strong group of Virginia's elite will make the trip to North Carolina A&T University in Greensboro, North Carolina to compete against some of the best high...
Virginia highlights so far on Friday at the 2013 New Balance Outdoor Nationals. The Western Branch boys won the state's first national title of this year's New...
As always Florida will bring a strong contingent of athletes to Greensboro, North Carolina and this year's 2013 New Balance Nationals Outdoor will be no different...
USATF South Carolina Junior Olympics in Rock Hill and New Balance Nationals in Greensboro, N.C. start today.
The Frankfort Lincoln-Way East road show will not be in attendance in Greensboro this weekend. Coach Angelo Brown has confirmed that Aaliyah Brown and company will shut...
Day one is mostly low-key, but a unique sprint relay and the 5,000m finals could provide an epic intro two the three days of action in NC!
Full List of Kentucky athletes competing in the Championship, Emerging Elite, Frosh, and Junior High races.
The list of Colorado and New Mexico athletes headed to this weekend's New Balance Nationals Outdoor is a short one, but what it lacks in quantity, it makes up for in...
By the looks of it, Rhode Island will be sending a large contingent to this weekend’s New Balance National Outdoor (NBNO) Championships in North Carolina with...
Are you ready to make a splash in Greensboro, NC next week?!
Beaufort alumna Kaila Smith talks about traveling to Central America and how she performed.
The NSAF have released the entry list for the 2013 Outdoor Nationals. Plenty of Jersey in there.

Additional Information

Schedule of Events

Friday, June 14, 2013
Track Events

9:45 AM Emerging Elite - 4x100 Relay Qualifying
10:15 AM Emerging Elite - 4x800 Relay FINAL
11:05 AM BOYS - Emerging Elite - 110H Qualifying
11:20AM GIRLS - Emerging Elite - 100H Qualifying
11:35 AM Emerging Elite - One Mile Run FINAL
12:25 PM 100m Octathlon
12:40 PM Emerging Elite - 100m Qualifying
1:10 PM Championship Swedish Relay (100-200-300-400) (sections) FINAL
1:35 PM 100m Hurdles Heptathlon
1:50 PM Emerging Elite - 4x200 Relay FINAL
2:20 PM Championship One Mile Racewalk FINAL
2:45 PM Emerging Elite - 1600m Medley Relay FINAL
3:25 PM Freshman 100m Qualifying
3:45 PM Junior High School Mile Final
4:00 PM Freshmen 400m (sections) Final
4:30 PM GIRLS Emerging Elite - 100m Hurdles Final
4:40 PM BOYS Emerging Elite - 110m Hurdles Final
4:45 PM Fastest Kid in Guilford County Qualifying
5:45 PM Emerging Elite - 800 Medley Relay Final
6:15 PM 200m Heptathlon
6:30 PM Fredhman 100m Final
6:40 PM Emerging Elite - 100m Final
6:50 PM 400m Octathlon
7:05 PM Emerging Elite - 400m (sections) Final
7:36 PM Freshman 2 Mile Final
8:00 PM Emerging Elite - 4x100 Relay # Final
8:10 PM Championship 5000 Meters Final

Field Events
10:00 AM GIRLS Freshman Long Jump (pit 1) FINAL
11:45 AM BOYS Freshman Long Jump (pit 2) FINAL
1:45 PM Long Jump (pit 1) Octathlon
2:30 PM High Jump Heptathlon
3:00 PM GIRLS - Emerging Elite - Discus Final
3:00 PM GIRLS - Emerging Elite - Pole Vault Final
3:00 PM BOYS - Emerging Elite - Javelin (outside stadium) Final
3:00 PM GIRLS - Emerging Elite - Triple Jump (pit 2) Final
3:30 PM Shot Put (5kg) (ring 1) Octathlon
5:30 PM Shot Put (ring 2) Heptathlon
BOYS Emerging Elite - High Jump FINAL
6:00 PM BOYS - Emerging Elite High Jump FINAL
6:00 PM BOYS - Emerging Elite - High Jump Final
6:00 PM BOYS - Emerging Elite Discus Final
6:00 PM GIRLS - Emerging Elite Javelin (outside stadium) Final
6:00 PM BOYS - Emerging Elite Pole Vault Final

Saturday, June 15, 2013
Track Events

9:00 AM 110m Hurdles (36") Octathlon
9:015AM Championship 4x200 Relay FINAL
9:55 AM Emerging Elite - 200 Qualifying
10:20 100 meters Decathlon
10:35 AM Championship 100 meters Qualifying
11:20 AM BOYS Championship 110m Hurdles Qualifying
11:55 AM GIRLS Championship 100m Hurdles Qualifying
12:15 PM Championship 2000m Steeplechase FINAL
1:05 PM Championshiop 1600m Medley Relay FINAL
2:05 PM Emerging Elite - 200m Final
2:15 PM 800M Heptathlon
2:35 PM 100m Fastest Kid in Guilford County Final
2:45 PM Championship 100m FINAL
2:55 PM Freshman Mile FINAL
3:30 PM 1000m Octathlon
3:45 PM Championship 4x Shuttle Hurdle Relay (Girls then Boys) - Final
4:45 PM Emerging Elite - 2 Mile Run FINAL
5:20 PM GIRLS - Championship 2 Mile Run (unseeded) FINAL
5:35 PM BOYS - Championship 2 Mile Run (unseeded) FINAL
5:50 PM Championship 4X100m Relay Final
6:25 PM Decathlon Final
6:40 PM BOYS - Championship 2 Mile Run (Top Seeded section) Final
6:55 PM GIRLS - Championship 2 Mile Run (Top Seeded section) Final
7:10 PM BOYS - Championship 110m Hurdles FINAL
7:25 PM GIRLS - Championship 100m Hurdles Final
7:25 PM Championship 4x800m Relay Final

Field Events
9:00 AM Long Jump (pit 1) Heptathlon
9:00 AM BOYS - Emerging Elite - Hammer Final
10:15 AM High Jump Octathlon
11:30 AM BOYS - Emerging Elite - Shot Put (ring 1) FINAL
12:00 PM GIRLS Championship Discus Final
12:00 PM GIRLS - Championship Pole Vault (Unseeded Flight) Final
12:15 PM Long Jump (pit 1) Decathlon
12:45 PM Javelin (700g) (outside stadium) Octathlon
1:30PM BOYS Championship Javelin (inside stadium) FINAL
2:30 PM Shot Put (ring 1) Decathlon
3:00 PM GIRLS - Championship Triple Jump (pit 2) FINAL
3:00 PM GIRLS - Emerging Elite - Hammer FINAL
3:45 PM BOYS Championship Shot Put (ring 1) FINAL
4:00 PM GIRLS Pole Vault )Seeded Flight) Final
4:00 PM High Jump Decathlon
6:00 PM BOYS Championship Triple Jump (pit 2) Decathlon
6:00 PM BOYS Championship Hammer FINAL
6:30 PM GIRLS - Emerging Elite High Jump FINAL

Sunday, June 16, 2013
Track Events

8:00 AM 110m Hurdles Decathlon
8:20 AM Championship 4xMile Relay FINAL
9:50 AM Emerging Elite - Distance Medley Relay FINAL
10:30 AM Championship 800m Medley Relay FINAL
11:15 AM Emerging Elite - 800m FINAL
11:50 AM Emerging Elite 400m Hurdles FINAL
12:15PM Championship 400m Hurdles - (Unseeded Sections) FINAL
12:30 PM Championship 200m Qualifying
12:55 PM Emerging Elite 4x400 FINAL
1:25 PM Championship 800m - All but Top section FINAL
2:00 PM Championship 400m - All but Top section FINAL
2:25 PM Championship One Mile - All but Top section Final
3:05 PM Championship 4x400 Relay (Unseeded Sections) FINAL
4:00 PM GIRLS Championship 400m Hurdles FINAL
4:05 PM BOYS Championship 400m Hurdles/td> Final
4:10 PM Championship 4x100 FINAL
4:20 PM Championship 800m (Seeded Section) FINAL
4:30 PM 1500m Decathlon
4:45 PM Championship 400m (Seeded Section) FINAL
4:55 PM Championship One Mile (Seeded Section) FINAL
5:10 PM Championship 200m FINAL
5:20 PM Championship Distance Medley Relay FINAL
5:45 PM Championship 4x400m Relay (Seeded Section) FINAL

Field Events

9:00 AM Discus Decathlon
9:00 AM GIRLS - Championship Javelin (inside stadium) FINAL
9:00 AM BOYS - Emerging Elite Long Jump (pit 1) FINAL
9:00 AM GIRLS - Emerging Elite Long Jump (pit 2) FINAL
9:00 AM BOYS -Championship Pole Vault (Unseeded Flight) FINAL
10:00 AM GIRLS - Emerging Elite - Shot Put FINAL
11:00 AM GIRLS Championship Hammer FINAL
11:00 AM Pole Vault Decathlon
11:00 AM BOYS - Championship High Jump FINAL
12:00 PM BOYS - Championship Long Jump (pit 1) FINAL
1:00 PM GIRLS Championship Shot Put FINAL
2:00 PM BOYS - Championship Discus FINAL
2:00 PM Javelin (outside stadium) Decathlon
2:30 PM BOYS Championship Pole Vault (Seeded Flight) FINAL
2:30 PM GIRLS - Championship High Jump FINAL
3:00 PM GIRLS - Championship Long Jump (pit 1) FINAL