A Film about Girls Cross-Country Racing

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    Hi there,
    My name's Sam Osborn. I'm the director of "X.C.", a short film about girls high school cross-country running (www.indiegogo.com/XC). I understand that this is a bit OT, but I thought some members of your group may be interested in the film and I was hoping to pass the info along. The film is about two female high school students training for the Colorado Div 5A State Cross-Country Meet and the travails that these two young women face along the way. We shot the film in Boulder, Colorado with the help of a grant from New York University and funds raised from members of the film and running community in Boulder. Two years later and we're now trying to wrap the film up. Our funds came in somewhat short, however, and we've begun to reach out to the community of runners that we believe would be interested in the final product and whom we'd like to introduce the film to anyway. We've built a fundraising campaign on Indie-GoGo (a Kickstarter-esque site more geared to filmmaking) and are trying to get the word out. Please take a look at the page, watch the film's trailer, and check out the donation perks (free registration to races!). Thanks guys!

    Here's the link: www.indiegogo.com/XC