How can I increse my second phase in the triple jump?

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    I love this topic:
    You start from the beginning; Is your running form correct?....if it\'s butt out, your in trouble. Be certain you sprint with an upright posture, keep you hips under your torso and head. Use video for analysis

    #2 - work backwards; if your step phase is poor, it\'s determined by the angle of take-off and position at the board of the \"1st. phase\"
    ....try not to call it a hope, think of it as single leg bounding (as a one-legged man running)...go out and drive forward!!
    If you are reaching (long stepping) to get to the board, you will lift off like an \"air jordan\" poster....not good! \"Run off of the board\"

    Practice this phase..... hop.....jump (simply complete a long jump after completing the 1st phase) it will help with the feel of the TJ. And land in the sand!!

    Think of this as a rhythm event. ratio jumps will help (short run ups and targeted phases, small markers kept consistent distances apart) THESE ARE NOT FULL SPEED DRILLS; think rhythm.

    Watch videos and count the foot placements. Work on bounding with upright posture

    complete two hop phases into one step phase. You must control the height and take-off placement of a hop.

    Get Boo Schexnayder, LSU jumps coach, corrections video. It is worth a great deal; Scott Bennetts plyo TJ drill video - excellent.
    I may be wearing you out here; I will be glad to give web sites or training tips. My best freshman boy went 42\' and we rarely did full jumps. Lot\'s of standing TJ\'S and 3-4 steps to phases. You must be patient and control your body. I\'ll mention arms another day. I hope this helps someone
  • Pat Crandall
    The number one mistake that inexperienced Triple Jumpers make is to try to go high and far in the first phase. That creates too much \'gravity\' force for the athlete to overcome in the second phase.

    A great TJer named Mike Conley said the first phase should be like skipping stones on a lake. If you throw it too far and too high, the stone simply lands \'plop\' in the water and sinks. If you skim it fast and close, it will go much farther.

    Think of the first phase as a low fast \'sprint-hop\' and focus all your power into getting the second phase higher and farther. You\'ll still be able to gather enough strength to get into the pit with a good \'jump\' at the end.

    Another way to look at it is to try to keep all your speed all the way through all three phases. Play the game, \"first one in the pit wins.\" The event is all about maintaining your speed all the way to the pit, and that\'s done best with a total focus on the middle phase, not first or last.

    The other thing Conley stresses is to hit the ground in each phase with a clawing motion, rather than a flat-footed landing - actually try to accelerate by pushing off each phase. You can\'t REALLY do it, but by trying to, you eliminate the great deceleration that most jumpers experience.
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    Whoa, I think thats my problem in the triple jump. It feels like i go really high and far on my first phase, and by the second phase its hard to step out enough.
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    all of ur advice is really good...thanks its helping me as much as its helpin the person who posted this forum...umm yeah as the other people said i noticed that the only way to lengthen ur second phase is to not try and go TOO far on ur first\'ll just throw u off if u try to do a long jump with ur first phase more thing that doesn\'t have to do with the second phase but has to do with TJin in general is the last \"long jump\" phase...that is probably the most important phase because that\'s what puts u in the long as you keep ur hips under u, look straight ahead (head neither way up or lookin down), overexaggerate ur knee drive and keep ur legs up as long as possible then you will definitely go far into the me ;)

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    TrackQueen: good advice
    Most of the best jumps in history are with a jump dominated phase......this has been researched extensively by biomechanist; if you read that stuff you\'ll need therapy!! But you are so right on about the hip placement. Kenny Harrison, 96\' gold medalists, was a big hopper......few tj\'ers could do the things he did. Get film if you possibly can. I understand that his best jumps displayed big jumps. If you can read between the lines on the scientific research, you will understand the how\'s and why\'s. It\'s a rhythm; go by feel and you will develop balanced phases. If it\'s wrong! now, go jump
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    You need to make sure that all three jumps sound the same.Do not to make your 2nd and 3rd steps fast. If you do that you lose a lot of distance in the 2nd phase and you can\'t make it up in the 3rd phase
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    Greenwood: that was great advice, and so simple. You can tell much about the jumps if you hear and count the rhythm of the contacts. This is VITAL for success and best use of the energy - without hurting!