What is the best discus for throwers?

  • Mark Bahrey
    I've done quite a bit of research on differently weighted discus's and I was wondering which disc is the best one out there. I am in high school and I throw the 1.6k disc. If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • Mark Bahrey
    MarkBahrey Edited
    My throws are about 150ft consistently, but I have thrown 167. I would say my release is moderate to fast. I don't really know the difference between a thick rim and a thin rim because I just use what my school uses and they are pretty crappy. One is made by Gill and the other is Blazer.

    I was also wondering if you knew of any good discs that are a little on the cheaper side, but are still good for throwers of my range in distance?
  • User
    I have also done some research. I have found that high spin discus are key but ive seen high spin from 75% rim weight to 92%. what is the best? I have been looking between Denfi discus and Pacer discus they both claim high spin but the pacer are rim weighted more. what is the best?