Mark Rice

No Qualms About Quam - An Interview Mark Rice May 23, 2017

Mara Quam is wrapping up a legendary athletic career at Kenyon-Wanamingo, including All-State honors in each of her three sports. Another State Championship would be a fitting way to end it.

High Mileage - An Interview Mark Rice May 12, 2017

Maple Grove senior Alex Miley was the 2016 MN Gatorade XC runner of the year after his 15th-place finish at NXN, and with his victory in the Hamline Elite 1600, his track season is in good shape too.

Talking Tork - An Interview Mark Rice May 12, 2017

Southand senior Peter Torkelson has come a long way since some recklessness landed him in trouble in 7th grade, but he came out of that experience with a love for running that won't soon die.

Austin's Amber - An Interview Mark Rice May 10, 2017

After two years of doing track mostly out of fun, Austin senior Amber Hansen didn't really start to realize her potential until last year. When she did, she turned herself into a record-breaking, college-bound thrower.

Chilling With Schilling - An Interview Mark Rice May 7, 2017

Saint Peter senior Katie Schilling started her track career as a distance runner, and has tried a wide range of events, but eventually found her home in the hurdles where she is an All State athlete.

An Examination Of Erica Benson Mark Rice May 5, 2017

Mankato West senior Erica Benson is a highly accomplished sprinter, hurdler, and high jumper, and she says that improving her work ethic each year is one of the main things that has helped her develop as an athlete.

Running Like An Elk Mark Rice May 3, 2017

Rochester Century senior Antonio Jusdon-Red Elk overcame a severe iron deficiency from last year to become one of this spring's top names to watch in the distance races.

Curious About Kjelshus Mark Rice May 2, 2017

Hunter Kjelshus and the rest of the Perham team have been unlucky when it comes to cancelled meets this spring, but that hasn't stopped this senior from feeling good and confident about how the season has gone.

In The Mood With Corey Moody Mark Rice May 1, 2017

Osseo High School's 800 record has stood for over 30 years, but current record holder Matt Ferry is eager to see it fall. The reason? He's the head coach of the athlete who plans to break it, senior Corey Moody.

Fly More, Run More, Tyler Moore Mark Rice Apr 30, 2017

Tyler Moore felt his calling for golf from an early age, but the absence of a golfing program in Little Falls for 6th graders turned his attention to running. Now six years later, it appears things turned out pretty well.

Speaking With Speicher Mark Rice Apr 28, 2017

Junior Carson Speicher didn't last a week in football in 5th grade, but he's lasted a strong six-plus years as a Perham XC runner, and has helped keep alive the Class A dominance Perham has seen since 2002.

In Korte's Corner Mark Rice Apr 26, 2017

Jack Korte of Henry Sibley has been running since 8th grade, but it wasn't his main sport until this year. And with an new focus, this thrift-shopping senior is off to a hot start, and primed to reach lofty goals.

Roaming With Joe Romaine Mark Rice Apr 26, 2017

Joe Romaine of Woodbury has seen a lot of success, but never meeting his own expectations for himself. But this year, with a new coach and new determination, he's feeling confident he will.

Watch LIVE Friday: The Hamline Elite Meet Mark Rice Apr 25, 2017

This Friday, all of Minnesota's top performers will receive their one chance to compete against each other, regardless of class, qualifying standards, or make-or-break races. And it will be streamed live in Milesplit.