How Arria Minor Is Using Her Track Network To Jump Start Recruiting

While on a Workout Wednesday trip in Colorado, we caught up with Denver Lightning's Arria Minor and her club and high school coach Steven Kiper.

After the workout we asked about the recruiting process and what it's been like so far. While Minor is just a junior, she's already doing research. She said she's used her network of friends in the track and field community to get a feel for what different schools might be like. 

Coach Kiper, meanwhile, has stressed to Minor that she start thinking about her major, the environment, the size of school and the type of coach and team she wants at the next level.

Coach Kiper Key Points: 
  • Thinking About A Major: 0:12-0:28
  • The Right Environment: 0:29-0:50
  • Size of School and Style: 0:51-1:15
  • Have Your Coach Reach Out: 1:16-1:35 
  • Using Your Network: 1:46-2:37