Workout Wednesday: Cal's Bethan Knights and Brie Oakley

FloTrack stopped by Cal to capture FloXC No. 11 Bethan Knights and phenom freshman Brie Oakley get in an early season workout.

The Workout:

10K DATE PACE: 4x200 w/ 200 jog recovery
10K DATE PACE: 4xMile w/ 400 jog recovery
1500 DATE PACE: 4x200

The Splits:

4x200: 39-40 sec
Mile #1: 5:18
Mile #2: 5:20
Mile #3: 5:24
*800: 2:38
*800: 2:31 (Knights), 2:37 (Oakley)

*Coach decided to have the athletes run the last mile as two 800s