Abbey Santoro Summer Training Blog: Back In Keller

Summer Training Blog Week 3

Monday 7/24/17:

Today was my first run back in Keller after being gone for the past two weeks. This morning we did an 8-mile base run and then came back to stretch and do some strides. Happy to be back home and running with my team again! 

Total miles: 8

Tuesday 7/25/17:

Today we had an 8-mile long run. We met up at Bear Creek to run like usual and then did core after we finished. 

Total miles: 8 

Wednesday 7/26/17:

I am quickly realizing that I have less to write about now that I am not at running camp so bear with me for the rest of the summer. Today we had a 10-mile long run, but we spiced it up a bit and decided to go two miles out in a different direction, to keep things interesting. When we got back we stretched and did some strides. 

Total miles: 10 

Thursday 7/27/17:

Today was another 8-mile long run. As you can probably tell this week is centered around building mileage. We ran the same way as yesterday except we kept going after 1 mile so that we wouldn't have to turn around at the usual 8-mile mark. 

Total miles: 8

Friday 7/28/17: 

This morning we had another 10-mile long run. There were not very many people there this morning so our group started out smaller than usual and ended with just Isabel and me. I felt a lot better on this run than on Wednesday when we ran 10. Tonight my family and I are leaving for South Carolina for vacation which means I should probably start packing...

Total miles: 10
Saturday 7/29/17:

Our flight got in around midnight so we all slept in and then drove about an hour from Savannah, Georgia, to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. It rained in the afternoon so I decided to wait until later once in cleared up to run. I ran on the beach because I want to avoid running on treadmills as much as possible due to my deep hatred for them. I ran 8 miles (4 out 4 back) at 7:15 average. The first 4 miles I was running straight into the wind which was not fun, but as soon as I turned around the wind completely stopped and it became extremely humid. It was really fun getting to run on the beach, though! 

Total miles: 

Sunday 7/30/17: 

Rest day! Hung out at the beach, shopped around, and explored Hilton Head! 

Total miles: 0