Important Dates For The Recruiting Season

Charles Brockman the top 300mH recruit of 2017 offers advice on the recruiting process. 

It's that time of year again.

The recruiting season is open and soon-to-be high school seniors are beginning to look into schools and make their college decisions. Take a glance below at the NCAA dates for recruiting and who's already got a jump on the recruiting process. 

January 3 to July 31, 2017: Contact Period

July 1: Juniors and seniors can call coaches at their own expense. A coach can call you once per week starting July 1. Telephone calls are unlimited during contact periods.

August 1-12: Quiet Period

August-September (Official visits start): As a senior, you can go on five official visits to Division I schools after your first day of classes start (or starting July 1: whatever is earlier). You can go on unlimited visits to DII, DIII, and NAIA schools after your first day of classes start. Unofficial visits are unlimited to all divisions. Off campus, contact is allowed for seniors but no more than three times.     

September 1: Juniors can begin to receive recruiting information and material from coaches.  

November 8-15, Early Signing Period: High school seniors can begin to sign their National Letters of Intent during the early signing period. 

August 13 to December 10 [except (1) and (2) below]: Contact Period
(1) November 6-9: Dead Period
(2) November 18: Dead Period

December 11, 2017, to January 2, 2018 [except for (1) below]: Quiet Period
(1) December 12-15, 2017: Dead Period

January 3 to July 31, 2018 (Juniors Only) [except for (1) through (3) below]: Contact Period
(1) March 9-10: Dead Period
(2) April 9-12: Dead Period
(3) June 6-9: Dead Period

Regular April 11 to August 1 Signing Period: Any high school seniors who have not yet signed their National Letters of Intent during the early signing period can sign during this time. 

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Charles Brockman sends well wishes and advice to athletes getting recruited. 

Kyle Garland, the No. 1 returning high jumper in the class of 2018, has been on his recruiting "A" game--already racking up five visits. He's talked with the University of Georgia, University of Oklahoma, University of Miami, the University of Kentucky, and Kansas State University.  

Kollin Smith, the NBNO fourth-place long jump finisher and an All-American from Frederick Douglass High School in Maryland, makes a late commitment for the class of 2017.

If you have any college recruiting information you'd like to share with us on your recruiting process tag us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or email